I have done a little set of notes as many parents/carers are nervous and unsure of what to expect or what to do before a newborn photoshoot begins. If you dress your baby in just a baby grow as this is easier to remove. If your baby has a dummy please bring that along and also a spare set of clothes for yourself/partner as your baby is likely to have an accident as during the shoot they will have their nappy off.


Try to keep your baby awake prior to the photoshoot

I always ask that parents/carers try to keep their baby awake for 1-2 hours before the photoshoot. Maybe give your baby a bath as this is a great way for babies to exercise their lungs a bit before coming and it will tire them out a bit. It also helps their hair to be nice and fluffy (if they have any!).


Full belly equals a happy baby!

I always ask the newborn’s parents/carers to try to hold off feeding their baby until they arrive. I have the parents feed their baby first prior to beginning the session. I also stop if needed during the session if the baby needs to eat some more. Babies with a full belly will sleep much more soundly.


The photoshoot may take some time

Newborn sessions can be quite time consuming due to feeding and sleeping patterns of your baby. A typical newborn session lasts at least two hours with some as long as four hours. It takes time to get newborns comfortably posed and sleeping soundly. It also takes time to perfect the little details like keeping their hands flat and fingers straightened. Please feel free to bring a bit of lunch with you too!


It will be really warm!

Newborns have difficulty in regulating their own body temperature. To keep them comfortable with no clothing on it is important that the room we are doing the photoshoot in is kept warm. I keep my room at around 85F as he/she will be likely to sleep more soundly.


It will be noisy!

The sounds in the womb are extremely loud (up to 90 decibels). Newborns will sleep much more soundly if there is white noise in the room. During a newborn session I have app on my iPhone for static white noise and I also play music in the background to help parents relax. Being relaxed is key since babies pick up on your energy.

It will be messy!

Please don't be alarmed if your baby wee's or poo's during the shoot. This is completely normal and happens every session (usually over me haha) I am used to this and and will quickly clean the mess up and move onto the next set up. Also sometimes your baby will like to watch what is going on and it may take some time to get them into a deep sleep. I will photograph your baby wether they are awake or asleep to make a lovely gallery for you xx


I look forward to seeing you and your baby soon!

Rachel Barron Photography


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