A precious moment, a beautiful bond....


A while ago I took a photo of a mother feeding her baby and it inspired me to start a project. Since then I have had the pleasure of photographing the bond that happens when you are feeding your baby through a variety of different ways.


There has been so much publicity lately surrounding how mothers feed their babies and breastfeeding has become such a 'hot topic' in the public eye. Women have been asked to cover themselves up in well known restaurants and many are forced to feed in public toilets. Social media has become a platform to vent frustration and outrage, with vast numbers of women posting 'brelfies" (a breastfeeding selfie) showing themselves nursing their baby.


On the other hand, a new British survey of 2,075 mothers found that 2 out of 5 mothers equate formula-feeding with failure. This made me think of my own struggle with feeding my two children. My son and I were so poorly after the birth and for a variety of reasons I really struggled with breastfeeding. This, along with other factors such as him being in intensive care and me feeling helpless led to post natal depression. I was often so nervous to feed him a bottle in public, scared of what people would think! With my second son I managed around two months of breastfeeding and I can honestly say the bond that happens, whether it be through breastfeeding or through bottle-feeding has been the same for both of my boys. They are my world! I have put together a series of images showing the beautiful raw bond that happens when feeding your child whether it be through breast, bottle feeding, expressing or syringe feeding. They are only this small for such a small space of time and this should be cherished and treasured. I hope you enjoy xx

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