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Taking time to care - Rachel Barron Photography

January 23, 2016


I am a specialist newborn and child photographer based in Leeds. Welcome to my first blog! Over the next few months I hope to share with you what its like to be a newborn photographer and also insights into my life as a working mum with two boys. This blogs aims to make you aware of what to look for when booking a newborn photographer. Of course I would love you to book me but I understand there are many other photographers out there who you may want to research as well.


Recently newborn photography has become increasingly popular with new parents. This is a blog to ensure you choose your photographer carefully. The industry is pretty much unregulated and therefore many photographers can claim they are are a specialist. If you are thinking of booking a newborn shoot there are a few questions I would recommend you ask your photographer. 


Safety is my main priority during a newborn shoot. I would strongly recommend asking a photographer if they have been trained. Although no specific training is required to set up as a newborn photographer, there are many things you need to be aware of such as correct posing techniques, how to check a newborns blood supply is ok, are they at the correct temperature, safe ways to do prop shots etc..... I have been trained by some of the Uk's top trainers and will continue to do so as the industry changes so fast. There are many things you learn through hands on training that you simply can't do by reading a text book or watching a tutorial. Parents are trusting you with their most precious bundle so to me training was essential!


Many of the images I shoot are made up of composites. In simple terms two or three photos will be merged together in photoshop to create a beautiful end result. The reason for doing this is purely because of safety. Newborns have strong reflexes and are quite jumpy. Also their heads are disproportionately heavy compared to the rest of their bodies and support is required. Many poses that are set up require the parents to be supporting the baby at all times just as a precaution. The picture below demonstrates this.  As you can see in the images, the baby’s head was supported at all times.  I then used photoshop to take out the parent's hand and make the image look seamless. 


I would also look to see if the photographer is registered with BANPAS. This is the Baby and Newborn Photography Association where members have to send in their insurance details and many send in proof that they can do newborn poses safely. For me, I felt it was essential to join BANPAS and I have recently become a member of The Guild of Photographers, winning a bronze award for one of my images!  


This is just a little guide for you to think about before you book a photographer. For me my job is my passion and I always feel so privileged parents have chosen me to capture those precious moments for them. If you have any questions about what happens in a newborn session or would like to book please contact me through www.rachelbarronphotography.co.uk or www.facebook.com/rachelbarronphotography


Rachel xx


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