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Love your pregnancy body

For many women (including myself) I did not feel attractive when i was pregnant. I was tired, huge, swollen with pre-eclampsia and grumpy. However, when I see images of myself with a bump, I can't help but smile (yes, the rose tinted glasses are out!). Maternity photoshoots are increasing in popularity as celebrities such as Beyonce, Shakira, Alessandra Ambrosia, bare all in front of the camera. In all honesty when I went for a maternity shoot I was terrified, getting naked when I was feeling like a whale was a daunting prospect. Plus, the thought of someone else, other than my husband seeing my stretch marks and wobbly bits terrified me. However, I did it and I love looking back on my images now, even many years later. I feel proud that my body was able to grow two amazing human beings and I can't believe I was ever that big!.


If you decide to come for a maternity shoot with me, I want you to know that I see women on a daily basis. We are all different and come in all shapes and sizes. I also know that you will be feeling self conscious and I will do my best to put you at ease and create some amazing images of your bump for you to treasure. I like to do maternity shoots when women are around 35 weeks pregnant. If you are interested please visit my website www.rachelbarronphotography.co.uk where you will find more information xx


 I did a maternity shoot for my friend Kate who was expecting twins. I asked her to write an honest blog of how she found the whole experience. Hope you enjoy......


My final pregnancy, this time there are twins on board.  My body is stretched and expanding again.  


At 20 weeks I looked to most like I was full term and I was only half way there.  By 24 weeks my ankles started to swell, my face was getting puffy and I couldn’t wear my wedding ring for fear of it getting stuck.  

Whilst ludicrously excited at the prospect of bringing two babies into the world I was exhausted. Moving around by 30 weeks was a challenge.  I had a huge tubee grip to wear to act like scaffolding and I had something called SPD – my pelvis giving up the ghost so crutches were my necessary accessories.  


I felt sorry for myself and at 34 weeks was begging the consultants to whisk my babies into the world. Ummm no.  The consultants wanted me pregnant for as long as possible. “Longer in, fewer complications – go home put your (now non-shoe fitting) feet up and wait”.


I had in this time booked a maternity photo shoot, why not? When you are at your heaviest and most uncomfortable, take your clothes off (which in itself is a task) and smile for the camera?! Well I was committed now so I went with it.


Never being a fan of my body, I was nervous in front of a camera with just a few bits on.  Rachel suggested that we take pictures in silhouette form, I loved the idea, and once I had bit more confidence I had a few bump shots where you can actually see my face.


What I experienced having my photo taken and seeing the images of my huge self literally changed the way I was feeling. Not seeing the aches and pains but instead I saw my incredible bump looking beautiful, growing 2 babies at the front of my body. 


When a pick me up is needed - I just have to look at that silhouette and think “Wow that was me”. 


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September 9, 2016

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