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Our new arrival!

April 23, 2018


Introducing Miss Dolly Doodle, she's cute, clumsy and utterly adorable, yep we have a new addition to our family. ❤️


Number 3 or a dog?

When I brought up the subject of having another baby with my hubby, his face went pale and he was visibly shaking. Number 3 was not going to happen. Plan B - lets get a puppy!!


As my friends and family know, I am strong willed and determined. If I get an idea in my head, no-one can stop me. I spent hours researching dog breeds, those that were good for families, not too big and eventually decided on a Cockerpoo. Im highly allergic to most animals and upon meeting numerous cockerpoos, I found out that they were hypoallergenic and didn't shed - bonus! I wasn't allergic! I found a breeder who had a lovely litter of puppies who were ready to go to their forever homes. Guess what, before the hubby could change his mind, the family were off on a 5 hour round trip to go and collect her.


 Settling in

We are now a week into being dog owners and a family of five and boy is it hard work. It's only 11am and I've already taken her outside 16 times for the toilet and been up with her since 6am. Wow, its actually like having another child! The good news is the boys are totally in love with her but they only get the good bits - the cuddles, the puppy play times (although my eldest has just cleared up her 'toilet' which I never actually thought would happen. 


Any dog owners who are reading this will understand how hard (and tiring) these first few weeks and months are with your new puppy, as you train them to become the family dog you've always wanted. It's bloody hard work! My hubby is the first to admit he has no patience, and he cannot understand why, after a week, she isn't toilet trained. He stood outside for twenty minutes yesterday, in the rain in our back garden. Nothing. As soon as they both came inside, she went to the toilet all over the floor. I found this highly amusing. Although he mumbles and grumbles, secretly, I can see he's falling for her big time. I came downstairs last night and found them both asleep with Dolly curled up on his chest. 


Growing up, I always thought of myself as an impatient person, but the older I get, I realise that I'm actually incredibly patient! Does this naturally happen with age and life experiences? Who knows? What I do know is, that being a newborn photographer means you really have to have the patience of a saint. Being a mum to two energetic boys has also taught me selflessness, calmness and compassion, which Im truly grateful for. Now all I need to do is apply this to puppy training - it can't be that hard, can't it? 


At the moment we still can't take Dolly for a walk as she isn't fully vaccinated, but as of Friday she can go out and about on paved streets. I can't wait for us as a family to get out and about on adventures and create some magical times together. So if you see us walking around Leeds and its lovely parks, come and say hello! Also tips and tricks to make Dolly into a fab family dog would be greatly appreciated. 


She had her first trip to the studio today, and loved posing for the camera, she's going to fit in well x










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What to expect when Im expecting you

September 9, 2016

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